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Tantalum rings

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Our tantalum rings consist of 2 types of material: one part made of tantalum and another part made of titanium. We call it: "Tantalum kisses titanium".

Tantalum is by far the hardest material in our collection. Processing tantalum is an absolute art. The material is very difficult to process, which is why there are so few tantalum rings on the world market compared to other materials. You need special CNC machines and not every design can be processed.

After testing the material for a long time, we took up the challenge and brought a product onto the market that has both. Something new. Tantalum and titanium.

Tantalum is graphite grey, titanium is light grey. Two different colours, combined with rose or yellow. Simply beautiful. 

We use as-new cubic zirconia with a high-gloss effect in the tantalum rings.

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