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Black Titanium Rings

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We have been observing a high demand for black wedding rings for a very long time. For this reason, we have been experimenting under high pressure for over a year. Our 10th anniversary was just around the corner and we wanted to launch a new type of metal mixture on the market in Europe* (at least we are not aware of any company in Europe that has this material in its range, as of January 2024).

Special production feature of BLACK TITANIUM: The black colour is created by the heating process and not by coating. 

Black Titanium consists of 51 % zirconium & 49 % titanium. BLACK TITANIUM is, as the name suggests, black.

This special metal mixture (51 % zirconium & 49 % titanium) enables us to achieve high wear resistance. Black Titanium therefore has an extreme degree of hardness.

All our Black Titanium rings have their own serial and batch number.

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Black Titanium Rings

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