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About us

In 1985, the production facility of the family-run company SARA opened its doors with 24 employees. The SARA Group quickly established itself as an international supplier of exquisite jewellery that won hearts around the world. In the years that followed, we continuously expanded our team of highly qualified jewellers and increased our fleet of vehicles.

We opened our first jewellery shop in Berlin in 1996. This was the starting point for our success story, which continued in the years that followed with the opening of five more jewellery shops in Berlin's most prestigious shopping centres. In 2013, Ornina Sara founded the wholesale company MARRYA, which specialised exclusively in supplying jewellery shops. In 2020, the company changed its name to SARA Jewelry GmbH.

At the same time, Gabriel Sara took over the position of Managing Director and we began our full-scale expansion. In mid-2020, we carried out an automation of our B2B shop to increase the efficiency of our deliveries. 

In 2021, we moved to larger premises equipped with high-quality furniture to make our employees' working environment as pleasant as possible. In addition, we opened a 240 m² showroom in the heart of Berlin, in the immediate vicinity of Kurfürstendamm, next to our wholesale business.

In 2022, we expanded our product range to include the exclusive NINA SARA Diamonds brand. To mark our 10th anniversary in 2023, we revamped our B2B shop, redesigned the MARRYA brand logo and expanded our product range by over 1000%. The Goldbuy brand has also been added to our range. We have added state-of-the-art CNC machines to our fleet, enabling us to carry out the finest barrel work. In our MARRYA showroom we proudly present over 3200 wedding ring models in gold, tantalum, carbon, platinum, silver, stainless steel and titanium. Today we proudly supply 14 European countries.

In 2024, an exciting innovation will be presented at Inhorgentha after years of material research: BLACK TITANIUM.

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